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Tristan Ginger - fashion show 2016 glam

Tristan Ginger - About, Thanks & Support

by William Desjardins March 02, 2018

Tristan Ginger - About, Thanks & Support 

Oh...Tristan... Where do we begin? 

Well firstly, we can't thank them enough for how much time they have devoted to us without blinking one of their perfect fluttery lashes.

Phototographer: @karim_ben_jemaa  MUA: @ahoule_mua_nailtech Assistance: Josee Houle - Custom onesie by @wickedmmm

This Genderqueer, Witchy "Prince du ghetto" has made such a huge mark in our lives... From helping us in our first crazy fashion show idea, to participating in our photoshoots and shouting our names to the masses with all the glam that they could muster. Tristan, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. <3 

If you don't know who this amazing person is and if i'm being honest... Serious idol... You need to check out their social media and follow them.

Facebook & Instagram

They are also down right hilarious... One day of working with them and they will have you in stitches at least once... 

With their over the top dramatized "mise en scène".

Tristan Ginger - Over the top drama (in a good way)

Social media commentary.

Tristan Ginger - Comment - Hilarious

And oh yes, more of their Boylesquepades... =^-~= 

Tristan Ginger - boylesque performing

Oh, did I mention they give booty fitness sessions at Arabesque Burlesque!?

Tristan Ginger - omg ahhh screaming

Which brings us to the point of this post. 

Yes, this is about gratitude, how amazing Tristan Ginger is and about everything they have done for us but there is another reason: Tristan needs to get to Europe. 

Tristan Ginger - go fund me

To that end they have set up a GoFundMe campaign

In support of this endeavor, as we cannot support financially, perhaps you, our readers & shoppers, want to help him out while getting some FIIIine lingerie. If you were thinking of purchasing some in the coming months, consider contributing some of that honey to Tristan's cause. 

While Tristan is collecting funds, use code #OMGTRISTAN! and get 15% off your purchase and Tristan will get 35% of the proceeds.

If you still want wicked stuff but want Tristan to get a bit more use code #PantiesForGingers and he will get 50%.

Otherwise, just head on over to their GoFundMe campaign and throw some dollars at them people! 

We wish you the best of luck Tristan and hope this helps! 

Much love, 

Will & Masha ~ Wicked Mmm 

William Desjardins
William Desjardins


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