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Black out Blindfold

A friend of mine asked me to design him a sexy looking blindfold that would actually do the job right. I scoffed at his request and said, “pffft! Easy!”
When I took up the task I realized that, indeed, it wasn’t as easy a feat as I had imagined, and it took me 3 iterations before I arrived at what I present to you here. Sexy and effective af!


This full blackout blindfold is 100% effective, I personally guarantee it! For all your dungeon/bedroom fun, or whatever you want to use it for... pin the perhaps? 

- One size fits all (human heads don’t vary in size THAT much)
- Quick and easy to put on for 100% blackout
- The wearer *might* see a spec of light and that's about it. 
- Very comfortable, the wearer can open their eyes, adjust nose opening
- Sexy sleek leather look - 100% vegan.
- Washable, if necessary.

Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Do NOT put in the dryer.

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