Midnight Flower gauzy Hip-Hugger

  • There's nowhere to hide, prepare to be devoured ...you know, in a good way.

    The most provocative and delightful

    -Soft lace is very comfortable, you can wear them all day.

    -Dainty beautiful lace, will last a long time with proper care.

    -No elastic at the top, seamless under clothes and no possibility of elastic cutting in anywhere.

    Whatever your sex, gender and size, you are a magnificent creature. You deserve to look and feel beautiful and sexy. Let's rethink the preconceptions about lingerie, and lace especially. Lace looks hot on everybody, and that means you too.

    Care instructions:
    Wash cold, hang to dry.


Naturally, we feel best in clothes that fit, so quit stealing your wife's panties and get your own. These are made with extra room to accommodate the package. As with all of our styles, this model has been thoroughly tested for optimal fit and comfort for people with packages, and most importantly, for hotness factor, and it definitely passed.

We choose the best quality materials we can find and focus on excellent workmanship, to bring you lingerie that will last you a long time.

Everything in this shop is handmade by the designer, in our studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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