by William Desjardins May 04, 2022

YES! We are still around! 

We know that we have been really quite but it's because we are working on another project which allows us to keep supporting this one! We are trying to navigate the world in our way and trying to redirect our efforts to keep what we are doing alive! 

There was a huge influx of interest all of a sudden when Masha went for a "vacation" read "intense yoga retreat" to re-center and figure out some things.
We were not quite sure what to make of it... 

Well this interest seems to be because we were recently mentioned in the NYT!

And this is just to say YES we are here and YES as long as we haven't said otherwise we'll keep doing what we are doing! There may be a slight delay creating your items but they will be queued and shipped accordingly! 

All that being said we do have a physical shop now! If you want to come touch or examine some samples visit us, downtown Montreal, in the Village:

1121 St Catherine St E #B
Montreal, Quebec H2L 3J4

~ Inside Tension ~

By appointment or during Tension hours.


William Desjardins
William Desjardins


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