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  • Tristan Chel Will cafe Velour soeursoeur

    You do you

    You are beautiful & you are loved.
    But stay home...

  • Tristan Masha Chel Will cafe velour soeursoeur

    Let loose...

    Show the world the fabulous being that you are.
    ...on social media!

  • Tristan chell Will cafe velour soeursoeur

    Be who you want to be

    Wear what you want, when you want.
    But for now, not where you want...

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    Own it, baby!

    Reveal your authentic self, to your cat. =0n0=

male model make up - Wicked Mmm Fashion show 2016 - photo soeursoeur


Tristan Ginger - white panties - Photo: Les Huard
Will & Masha, owners, creators, designers - Wicked Mmm


Our mission is to supply the world with dainty underwear for people of all genders.

We created this brand because it's what we enjoy, and we couldn't find what we wanted anywhere else, especially in terms of quality.

While there are numerous underwear brands that cater to women, few options exist for men who want to wear something less traditional and that is our roots, we started catering to people with packages but expanded to so much more than that over time.

We're doing this for the trans-girls the cis-boys, for the cross-dressers, the queers and for those who are simply bored with the "norm". We're here for the man who likes a dirty little secret and for the woman who wants to have some extra fun. Let's turn the world upside down!

All of our clothes are designed and handmade in our studio in Montreal, Canada.

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