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    Lingerie for everyone - You do You

    Be the fabulous human that you are, gender is irrelevant here. 
    What we want is to make you feel SEXY

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    Lingerie for everyone - You do You.

    Be the fabulous human that you are, gender is irrelevant here. 
    What we want is to make you feel SEXY

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    Be who you want to be

    Wear what you want, when you want. 

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    Be who you want to be

    Wear what you want, when you want. 

Wicked Mx. - Lingerie for all genders

Wicked Mx.

Intimates for the gender queer, in between or just don't care, shop in whichever category makes you comfortable but our MX section has everything!

All that we make is for you, send us a message if it will not fit your body and we'll make adjustments!

Wicked Mx. section 

Wicked Mr.

Intimates for all people with packages, packers and/or flat chests. 

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Wicked Mr. - panties for men
Wicked Ms. - Lingerie for women

Wicked Ms.

Intimates for those identifying as women deserve to feel Wicked!

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Tristan Ginger - white panties - Photo: Les Huard
Will & Masha, owners, creators, designers - Wicked Mmm


Our mission is to supply the world with dainty panties for people of all genders.

We created this brand because it's what we enjoy, and we couldn't find what we wanted anywhere else, especially in terms of quality.

While there are numerous intimates brands that cater to women, few options exist for men who want to wear something less traditional and that is our roots, we started catering to people with packages but expanded to so much more than that over time.

We're doing this for the trans-girls the cis-boys, for the cross-dressers, the queers and for those who are simply bored with the "norm". We're here for the man who likes a dirty little secret and for the woman who wants to have some extra fun. Let's turn the world upside down!

All of our clothes are designed and handmade in our studio in Montreal, Canada.

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What people are saying about Wicked Mmm...

A very difficult decision.

Dear Valued Customers,

It is with a mix of emotions that we write this letter today. Since 2015, we've embarked on an incredible journey with you, and it's been an honor to serve as your destination for dainty panties and intimate apparel for people of all genders. Today, we must announce the difficult decision to close our beloved store, Wicked Mmm.

As much as we cherished this journey, we have come to a point where we must say goodbye. Our other project, TensionMTL, now demands more of our time and attention, and the resources required to sustain both endeavors have become unsustainable. While it was a labor of love and we took great pride in the craftsmanship that went into every piece we created, it also came with the stress and time commitments required to keep Wicked Mmm open. We do not want that love to turn sour, and we believe this is the right decision for us at this time.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who supported us along the way. Your trust, your feedback, and your loyalty have been invaluable. We hope that you will continue to embrace your unique selves, explore your desires, and find the confidence to be who you are, wherever life takes you.

While Wicked Mmm may be closing its doors, the spirit of inclusivity, self-expression, and empowerment that it embodied lives on in all of you. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for allowing us to be a part of yours.

If you have a pending order, don't worry, it will be delivered as soon as possible.

With love and gratitude,

Masha & Will
Founders of Wicked Mmm