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You do you

Be the fabulous human that you are gender is irrelevant here. 
What we want is to make you feel SEXY


Masha aka Mashacat; a costume designer and seamstress for over five years who worked on various projects until the thought of putting boys in panties could no longer be contained. This need was initially unleashed on her muse of a cat boy who willingly submitted to her wiles.

 now she happily shares her dream of men in lace panties with the world.

Masha learned to sew with her mother and grandmother when she was a little girl. Having been born in the former USSR there were limited options to buy clothes, so if you wanted something nice, you had to make it yourself. At university, she pursued studies in costume design and later earned a professional degree in dressmaking, following her heart right back to where she started. After graduation Masha took on contracts with fashion designers and dance schools, private clients and performers.

William otherwise known as WillCat.
An interest in gender identity, social norms and fashion are all things that pushed him towards his part in the creation of Wicked Mmm. His diverse experience in management, entrepreneurship and sense for artistic creation are all put to use in its realization.

It all started just for fun, for our own aesthetic pleasure, but soon we discovered that we were not the only ones seeking and enjoying the pleasure of lingerie for men, and thus Wicked Mmm was born.

Since the conception of our brand, many people asked us to to make lingerie for women as well. We decided to create a small line for the ladies, in order to offer matching sets for couples, but likely will not develop stand- alone women’s lines as there are already plenty of options on the market.

Our goal is to create high quality, handmade lingerie, primarily for people with packages, that will fit comfortably, provide support and look flattering.

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