Purple Velvet banana hammock


Why should girls get all the pretty things? Maybe it's the city I live in, or perhaps the people I'm drawn to, a bunch of beautiful perverts (I use this term endearingly), that inspired me to put a man in lacy lingerie.

Soft, stretchy lace with opaque velvet pouch provides a good support and comfort to the wearer, while feeling naughty and sexy under your clothes, because nobody know *wink*.

Our house guinea-cat test-wears every new style and provides feedback after a full day's wear. attests that it's "super comfortable, feels like I'm wearing nothing". When he reports discomfort, we look to modify the style to improve fit and comfort, so that you will always get only the best.


Please allow up to 2 weeks before shipping, as every item is made to order.

We like happy customers. If you have any questions, write to us. :)

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