Etsy Montréal 2018 - Collectif créatif

Etsy Montréal 2018 - Collectif créatif

by Masha Smushkevitch September 24, 2018

This weekend come see us at the Etsy Fair! 

You'll be the first to see new stuff we've been working on.. we got some cute lacy boxer briefs and bold floral print bodysuits (sneak peek coming later this week), bralettes and skirts and lots of panties for people with packages and other other stuff you know us for. This is a chance to come and see and touch the fabrics, say hi to us (we would really like that!), and save on shipping too.

There will be lots of other Etsy sellers there with toys and jewelry and art and all kinds of other stuff, and there's always a mouth watering food section in the back.

There's lot's of parking in the area, and it's easily accessible by public transit too.

We look forward to seeing you there!  

Link to the event and location:

FB: EtsyMTL Marché Créatif : Fait à Montréal Septembre 2018

Technopôle Angus
2600, rue William-Tremblay, Montreal, Quebec H1Y 3J2

Etsy Social media challenge! 

As the week goes on we'll be posting daily with little tidbits about us in order to answer to the Etsy Social media challenge which likewise helps us tell you a little bit about ourselves!

We'll update this section as the week goes by to have a nice summary and review of the event for future.  

Monday! JOURNEY - 24/09/2018

What you may not know about WickedMmm is that it all started with a frustrating trip to a sex shop looking for cute panties for men. We never thought that one outing would evolve into a whole lingerie line and that we would become a strong proponent in the LGBTQ+ and kink communities.

EtsyMTL Collectif Créatif

Tuesday! BIZ IDENTITY - 25/09/2018

Inclusive - Seductive - Edgy:
THAT is Wicked Mmm; Be who you want to be.

Did you all know that our shop just recently celebrated our second birthday!? Despite all the work that we have done we have so much more to do. We envision having a bigger studio, where we can have people over for custom fittings and browse what we make in a comfy almost Café like queer space? One can dream anyway...

We'll see what the future holds.

Year one, Year two, see what the future holds.

Wednesday! PROCESS - 26/09/2018

I often get inspiration from the people I am making things for, each creation from our fashion shows were made with the person in mind. Other times I will sketch until I come up with something that really speaks to me, then I will make a sample and then I build on the sample if there are things I want to change. I spend my time between design, production and web stuff in my home studio. With the help of my love, muse and partner we grow our business together. ♡

Masha of Wicked Mmm in her sewing studio

Thursday! AUDIENCE & COMMUNITY - 27/09/2018

My lover being queer, and following that sex shop adventure, I made him a couple of cute panties that would accommodate his anatomy. He loved them, I loved them on him and long story short some people ended up seeing them and asking us where they could get some... which they couldn't... so I listed them on Etsy, cause why not? Then orders started coming in.

Eventually we started to get involved with local queer related endeavours and advocacy groups, supporting causes that we related to. We made friends within these queer oriented spaces and started to have conversations around what they need that they cannot find. I wanted to help folx express their gender identity without having to compromise their comfort.

Soeursoeur wicked mmm first photo shoot

Friday! LIFESTYLE - 28/09/2018

In our spare time one of the things we like to do is Shibari. It's an intimate art form that inevitably leads to people often being in their underwear. In fact, when people asked about the panties, as mentioned in a previous post, it was during nuit blanche at a Shibari performance.

Our brand is a direct result of our lifestyle... or at least heavily influenced by it. This summer we were invited to present at fetish weekend which was daunting at first but turned out to be super exciting and lots of fun!

Shout out to our friends and collaborators through our journey so far @tensionmtl @fetishweekend @nuit_des_cordes @mesh.magazine @tristanginger @alternadrag @bagel.burlesque @cafevelours

Chris Masha & Will at our MontrealFetishWeekend fashion show.

Saturday - It's today! PRODUCTS - 29/09/2018

This is our first Etsy event! Pretty crazy considering that is where we got started, though not so much when you consider the first thing we sold was a strap on harness... LoL

It's wonderful to receive messages from customers that say things like, "Thank you for lifting my spirits through moments of dysphoria" or "Those blogs you have on your site are exactly what I have been thinking but I couldn't put into words... Thank you for doing what you do." These heartfelt words from customers keep us going when things get tough.

Our booth is pretty PG at this event over the weekend so if you want to pass by you don't need to hesitate to bring your kids! Lots of others making cuddly, soft, yummy and pretty things! You can stop by and get sexy at ours. =^-~=

Etsy Fair 2018 booth product picture

Sunday! MARKET 30/09/2018

The people who hit up our booth are having fun; a giggly couple looking to buy matching panties, a non binary person thanking us for what we are doing, those that aren’t too sure but take a card for future consideration. This is your chance to come and see us in person, we’ll be here till 17h! ❤👙😉

Check out our booth neighbors and other cool stuff to see! ♡

Etsy Market - booth neighbors and cute booths

Masha Smushkevitch
Masha Smushkevitch


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A very difficult decision.

Dear Valued Customers,

It is with a mix of emotions that we write this letter today. Since 2015, we've embarked on an incredible journey with you, and it's been an honor to serve as your destination for dainty panties and intimate apparel for people of all genders. Today, we must announce the difficult decision to close our beloved store, Wicked Mmm.

As much as we cherished this journey, we have come to a point where we must say goodbye. Our other project, TensionMTL, now demands more of our time and attention, and the resources required to sustain both endeavors have become unsustainable. While it was a labor of love and we took great pride in the craftsmanship that went into every piece we created, it also came with the stress and time commitments required to keep Wicked Mmm open. We do not want that love to turn sour, and we believe this is the right decision for us at this time.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who supported us along the way. Your trust, your feedback, and your loyalty have been invaluable. We hope that you will continue to embrace your unique selves, explore your desires, and find the confidence to be who you are, wherever life takes you.

While Wicked Mmm may be closing its doors, the spirit of inclusivity, self-expression, and empowerment that it embodied lives on in all of you. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for allowing us to be a part of yours.

If you have a pending order, don't worry, it will be delivered as soon as possible.

With love and gratitude,

Masha & Will
Founders of Wicked Mmm