Fetish World Podcast - Interview

Fetish World Podcast - Interview

May 13, 2018

Fetish World Podcast invited us to talk about what we do!

S2E13 - Fetish World Podcast - The Package Is Happy
This week Ivan and Irony chat with Masha and Will, owners of Wicked Mmm. They make-hand made fine lingerie for people with packages, and they bring Ivan some panties to try... Ivan puts them on, he's feeling sexy and can't stop raving.

Masha and Will share how the idea of creating lingerie for people with packages was born, their vision in regards to breaking down gender identity and challenging stereotypes, creating a product for everyone with a package, and how every individual can be who they want to be and feel sexy doing it.

More about Fetish World Podcast!

Fetish World Podcast is a fun but serious podcast, covering various BDSM related topics, in the interest of bringing information to the community. Along with your hosts Mistress Irony and Ivan Koso, invited guests share their stories covering a range of BDSM related subjects. For newbie or seasoned player, there's always something for everyone.

Check out the rest of their page here!

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