Royal Cabaret - Lucas Charlie Rose

The Royal Cabaret - Sponsored event!

by William Desjardins May 19, 2018

Support for our community! 

This month Wicked Mmm donated a 50$ gift certificate to this event in support of Lucas Charlie Rose to assist him in his struggle of attaining Canadian citizenship. 

In collaboration with Jeuness LAMBDA we threw together this gift basket which will also include some merchandise from the event! 

Royal Cabaret raffle content!


This cabaret is curated by black trans artist Lucas Charlie Rose.

Lucas Charlie Rose - photo by My vision, shared.

*queue sad music*
Lucas is a migrant who has been calling Montreal his home since 2010. Last August, his visa renewal got refused and he has been living without a status since.

Immigration Canada granted him a tourist visa for 2 months and asked him to leave the country by May 28th even though he is currently working on applying for Permanent Residency on Humanitarian grounds.

Lucas has been a prevalent figure in both the queer and black communities in Montreal. 

After curating and producing the world's first all-trans hip-hop mixtape, Lucas founded Trans Trenderz, a non-profit record label for trans artists to help them develop their artistry without editing their narratives. Lucas is also part of Black Lives Matter Montreal and has been advocating for anti-racism and trans rights by utilizing as many different mediums as he can learn to.

Lucas has made internationally recognized contributions to the Montreal community and deserves to stay in this country that makes him feel safe. 

The funds raised during this show will be donated to Lucas to help him cover fees related to his application, healthcare and ensure his daily survival.

The Wicked Mmm team is proud to be a part of this community, as we would not exist without you, we will do what we can to support you!

Hang in there Lucas! 

Check it out, it's shaping up to interesting! 

William Desjardins
William Desjardins


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