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First sponsored Alternadrag

Wicked Mmm sponsors of Alternadrag!

by William Desjardins September 18, 2018

What is Alternadrag?


Queer // Alternative // Genderf*ck // Underground Drag in Montreal.
Monthly events

Alternadrag logo

Or at least that is what they say on the Alternadrag facebook but they are being very literal, the organizers and participants are such awesome people that support eachother and LGTBQ members of the community creating a safe heaven for all, to be yourself and express who you want to be. 

Their essence screams our raison d'etre and for it we support them. 

Wicked Mmm will be sponsoring Alternadrag on an ongoing basis for as long as we can; performers will receive 10 Alternabucks, when they perform, which can be used on our site and combined with future Alternabucks certificates for subsequent performances when applicable! **some conditions apply**

Alternadrag swag from Wicked Mmm

We would like to thank the whole team for their love and support! 

Wicked Mmm at Alternadrag

If you want to join the Alternadrag team and get your drag on, there is a show every month! Like their page and lookout for a call to action! 

Alterna drag call for applications


 Update! 09/18/2018 Casting call now open!

William Desjardins
William Desjardins


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